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2017 Acura RDX AWD

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2017 Acura RDX AWD

Test Drive

Written by Katerina Krjanina
Photographs by Katerina Krjanina

If you are shopping for a luxury SUV car, the 2017 Acura SUV is a good right choice! You absolutely should consider this stylish vehicle. Comfortable interior and great features are making this car a pleasure to drive. The RDX nice handles make it feel like a well-tuned sedan. Its small size compared to other SUVs, makes this vehicle maneuverable and easy to park.

The model I tested had a soft grey color cabin leather. A stylish and handsome look gives to this vehicle more value and comfort. All 2017 Acura controls and features are very easy to find and operate. Front seats in the RDX have rich bolsters and are eight-way adjustable for the driver. The steering wheel is adjustable as well. There is plenty of space for tall and big drivers. However, in the Acura RDX, the rear seats don’t fold down fully flat, what could be a nice feature to add in the future.

Overall the 2017 Acura cabin offers plenty of small-items storage space what I consider extremely helpful, especially if you have a big family. Hidden, underfloor storage with a plenty of a space accepts an additional 15 cubic feet of cargo. If you have a big family the low cargo floor makes it easy to pile groceries and cargo in the back. A smaller covered storage space in front of the shifter can be used for a cell phone and includes a USB port, an audio input port, and a power outlet.  If you have your favorite music on a CD there is in-door storage, and the center console can hold up to 23 CD cases.

The 2017 Acura RDX exterior is pretty stylish as well. The headlights are a string of five LED lights, lined up in a row. The 2017 Acura is an extremely safe vehicle and considered to be one of the best-performing models in this class. The Acura has several air-bags, side-curtains and anti-lock brakes, a lot of security features.

2017 Acura RDX is a great family vehicle. Beautiful design, style and safety makes the 2017 Acura RDX stand out in a car buyer market. It can be a perfect car to own on any place, if you live in a city or in the country side. Smooth driving, good space and great storage makes this model a very family friendly SUV.

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